10 Enticing Places that You Cannot Visit

10 Very Cool Places that You Cannot Visit

There are some beautiful destinations to visit in the world and plenty to see when you get there. But, I wanted to know if there are any places in the world that you cannot visit. Guess what. There are. Here are 10  cool out of bounds places that I found on my vacation around the internet

France – Lascaux Caves

projet_eco_photo09These are a cave complex in Southwestern France, which are out of bounds because of their Paleolithic cave paintings.  More than 900 perfect examples have been preserved, some of which are around 17,300 years old. The caves were closed to the public in 1963 and, in 1979, was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list.

Italy – A Small Haunted Island

Poveglia is a tiny island between Lido and Venice in Northern Italy. It was always used as a dumping ground for diseased people and those who had died. During the Bubonic Plague, it was used as a place of quarantine where bodies were regularly burned on huge pyres. It was used again in 1922 as a quarantine station and then converted to an asylum for the mentally ill in 1922.  It closed in 1968 and is reported to be haunted. Today, it remains closed to the public.

Italy – The Vatican Secret Archives

This is the place in the Vatican City where all the acts promoted by the Holy See are stored.  Also contained in there are state papers, papal accounts, and a whole lot of other documents accumulated over the years.  The secret archives were split from the Vatican Library in the 17th Century and remain closed to all but a few people to this day.

indexEthiopia – The Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion

This church, located in Ethiopia, is claimed to be home to the Original Ark of the Covenant, one of the most important objects in biblical history.  The only person allowed access is a monk who is specially chosen. No other person is allowed to enter or lay eyes on the object.

China – The Jiansu National Security Education museum

This museum houses top-secret documentation concerning Chinese Espionage, as well documents and gadgets that date back to 1927, the year the Communist Party Central Committee Espionage Department was founded. Think James Bond and you will have a good idea of the type of gadgets stored in the Museum.  Only Chinese nationals are allowed to enter the Museum but photography is strictly prohibited.

Hawaii – Exotic island called Niihau

The seventh largest inhabited island in Hawaii, Niihau contains no roads, no stores; it has no electricity or plumbing. It does however have a school run by solar power.  It is a private island and has been closed to the public in order to preserve the wildlife and the indigenous culture of the island.

offlimits08f_01Australia – Pine Gap

This is the only place in Australia that is prohibited and is a satellite tracking station in Central Australia.  It is a large complex that controls the spy satellites of America tracking China, Russia and the oil fields in the Middle East.

Israel – Negev Nuclear Research Center

This one is a nuclear facility in the Negev Desert. It was closed in 2012 and airspace over the top is closed to aircraft. It is heavily guarded against attack and from people attempting to gain entry.

Japan – Ise Grand Shrine

This is a Shinto Shrine that has been dedicated to the Goddess Amareasu-omikami. It is an important holy site and access is limited to priests and priestesses who are members of the Japanese Imperial family.  2 of the buildings in the shrine are rebuilt every 20 years, according to the original blueprint from 1000 years ago.

Met2Russia – Metro-2

Metro-s is an informal name for a secret underground metro system in Russia. It apparently runs alongside the public underground in Moscow and was built by the KGB.  Unfortunately, there is no evidence to back up whether this is real or just speculation but there are still those who claim to have helped build it.