5 Exciting Presents to Get Your Valentine

Presents to get your valentine

What’s worse than getting a gift you don’t want? Giving someone that gift. There’s a reason why the majority of us aren’t in the audience during the Oscars—we’re bad actors.

This Valentine’s Day, avoid seeing your special someone force a smile and insist they’ll use that quesadilla maker by getting them one of these 5 gifts that they’ll actually like.

5. A Monthly Gift Subscription

To something they actually like, of course! You wouldn’t want to give a person who doesn’t drink a membership to a wine of the month club.

Real Simple posted a list of eight subscription boxes that your Valentine will actually enjoy this year, each labeled by the recipients personality. There’s one to satisfy the inner crafter, one for fashionistas, and even one for coffee lovers, among others.

4. Something from Etsy

If you’re special someone is a Potterhead, Whovian, Sherlockian, or anything in between, you can definitely find them a unique gift on Etsy.com. Independent designers use Etsy to sell handmade, vintage, and craft items, many of which are designed with the most popular characters and series in mind.

The site isn’t exclusive to fan-inspired pieces, though. You can just as easily use Etsy’s gift guide for ideas on everything from jewelry and artwork to home brew kits and personalized cutting boards.

3. Event Tickets

It doesn’t matter whether they’re for a local sporting event or tickets to a play, getting your Valentine tickets to a local event is a perfect experiential gift. As P&G Everyday writer Anna Newell Jones explains, experience gifts gives you the opportunity to bond with your partner in a way that ordinary gifts usually can’t.

“You likely do not remember many actual gifts you’ve received,” said Jones, “but you probably hold tight to the experiences you had, especially with your family and friends.”

2. Sexy Accessories

Spice up your usual routine the night of the 14th with a few extra surprises for your Valentine. Handcuffs and blindfolds, for example, are great ways to ease yourself into some kinkier play in the bedroom. If you or your special someone was a fan of Fifty Shades of Grey, go see the movie first (it opens Valentine’s Day) then use some of the film-inspired products when you get home. Several of the toys, including the FSOG Tease Feather Tickler and FSOG No Peeking Twin Blindfold Set, are getting good reviews, too, as they have at least four-star ratings on adam&eve.

1. The Classics

Maybe you think that flowers and chocolates are cliché, but I don’t know a single girl who would frown if she was handed a well-crafted bouquet. The classics carry that label for a reason—they’re a safe buy that you know will be appreciated.

The same holds true for your dinner plans. If one person cooks (or gets takeout for a nice meal at home), you can add a personal touch by picking up a nice bottle of wine, some candles, and slice of cake from a local bakery. It’ll help to make the night even more memorable.

Surprise your Valentine with any one of these presents this year and you won’t need the gift receipt. Just try and mirror their reaction when you open your own gift…