3 reasons why I got my iPhone 6 Jailbroken

jailbreak iPhone 4It seems like everyone is getting their iPhone jailbroken these days.

I never bought into the whole ‘jailbreaking to make your iPhone infinitely better’ craze until recently and I can honestly say that it has been one of the better decisions I have made. Jailbreaking itself was really easy for me to get done. I like my tech and I am quite handy with modern devices but this was something that I thought was best to leave for the experts.

Anyway, there are 3 major reasons why I got my iPhone jailbroken and they really made the whole process worth it.

The Cydia app store

I used to think that the Apple app store was the best thing about the iPhone. Sure it had a decent camera and looked great but nothing could compare to the apps that I could download. That was until I found Cydia with my jailbroken iPhone.

Basically it is a different place to get apps from and is only for jailbroken iPhone’s. Most of them are free and there is a ton of great apps out there that can really improve your device and also make your realize how much better a jailbroken iPhone is.

Better battery life

I thought that this might have been in my head but after speaking to a few other people who have had their iPhone jailbroken then I found out that the process really does improve battery life.

While it obviously still uses the same iPhone battery, because it is changing the source code of the device then it can use it in a smarter way. I noticed that I was charging my iPhone less and less after I got it jailbroken and it has really helped to extend the life of my device on a daily basis.

It comes with an unlock

Just about every service that you use to jailbreak iPhone is able to unlock the device as well and for instance have this option as standard. Being able to use the iPhone on a different network is something that really appealed to me and while you can have this done by itself, it is better to get both the iPhone jailbreak and iPhone unlock completed at the same time.

I’m glad I did and now I have an iPhone that is not only much more powerful than the default device but it is also able to connect to any network that I have access to as well.

For those who are doubtful of what an iPhone jailbreak can do for your device then I hope this has cleared up some misconceptions about the process. I wasn’t sure about having my iPhone jailbroken however I am really glad that I did now because it has improved my iPhone experience immensely.

These are just some of the improvements that have been made to my iPhone recently and there is a lot more that you need to experience yourself to see just how good it is. For the relatively small price that it costs, jailbreaking the iPhone has great benefits and I would definitely recommend the process to anyone.