Welcome to my guide to the web!

Steve Palmer

The world-wide-web is an extraordinary place. It’s full of incredible websites, amazing ideas, and thought provoking concepts.

If you tried to visit all of it, every day, you would never leave the house. You would be on the computer, 24/7, visiting every website for a maximum of 6 seconds, trying to digest every new piece of information, before having to leave and find the next piece of information to try and sink your teeth into.

To help you avoid this problem, I’ve created this website. Palmers Guide is an exploration of everything great the world-wide-web has to offer. I’ve collected the best websites, the best video’s, the best articles, the most thought provoking ideas, and pulled them all into one place for you.

If you’re ready to explore just how great the internet is, just check out all the articles!

UPDATE: Do to the INCREDIBLE amount of stuff that’s floating around the internet, my good friend James Burke has come on board to help make sure you don’t miss a thing. Check out his articles here.